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Bank of America matches savings!

Bank of America matches savings!

Bank of America offers a Savings account whereby you save “the change” from your checkcard purchases directly into your Savings Account.  In example, if you were to purchase something with your check card for $14.37, the remainder 63 cents would be transferred into your Savings account.

Get this…  Bank of America offers to match “the change” or the “63 cents” you save up to certain limited.   The restrictions are 100% match to your first 3 months of savings up to $60.00, and 5% of the rest of your savings, up to $250.00.  If you are using the program to its maximum potential you would be getting a free $310 ($60 + $250)  for free from Bank of America.  Also, keep in mind that you would have automatically saved money without realizing from your checkcard purchases.

I posted a screenshot above so you can see that I am actively enrolled in this program and to prove it is working… As you can see from the picture above, I’ve been enrolled in the Bank of America program for almost the last 6 weeks, and I have saved $118.56. Soon enough get my free $60.00 within the first 3 months. I am a big fan of this program because Bank of America creates an easy way to save money and additionally they match up to $310 in your first year.

Please keep in mind that Bank of America does require a minimum balance of $300 in your savings account, and will pay the matched earnings after 1 year after accumulation.

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