Frugal Francis

Spend less, Earn More, and Save as much as possible!


Frugal Francis is a site dedicated to my father. Growing up, my sisters and I always made fun of my father for being cheap, money cautious, or for lack of a better word, FRUGAL! We made a silly nickname for my father which was Frugal Francis.

When you are a child, you never really understand money and how it works. And, today I find myself being extra frugal to save a buck or two hear and there. Even though my family made fun of my father for being frugal, he had and continues to have the right idea. That “right idea” is what formed my tagline for frugal; “Spend less, Earn more and Save as much as possible…”

In general, this site will talk about earning money, saving money and different ways to accumulate wealth. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the more money you save, the more you will have. I’d like my readers to learn from my blog postings and fatten up their piggy banks.

Full disclosure: When appropriate, some links on my site will be referrals to sites whereby I receive a small affiliate commission. While this will usually be very minimal amounts of money, it will fund my writings and postings for this site. I am marveled by affiliate marketing and will explore it a bit on this site to see whether or not it works and I can actually earn money from it.

Please do add comments to any blog post i write, but mindful that this blog is intended for a G rated audience and please refrain from any profanity.

This site will make financial recommendations but will not be held liable for any suggestions that we make through this blog. Please take all posts with a grain of salt, as each outcome can be vary based on multiple variables.

To contact me, please write to me at my email address: frugalfrancis <at> gmail <dot> com