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Ever go out on the golf course and finish the day with less golf balls than you started with? Even if you are a scratch golfer, the tendency to lose a golf ball or a few golf balls is fairly likely. Why pay top dollar for Golf Balls if you do not have to.

One of my friends turned me on to this site KnetGolfwhich sells Golf Balls at discount prices. One of the real values to this site is their their Assorted Mix of Golf balls. Basically you can order a mix of assorted Grade A or Grade B Golf Balls very cheaply. There is nothing wrong with these golfballs. They have been overproduced with someone else’s logo on them, and KnetGolf packages them up for a great deal.

KnetGolf not only provides a cool way to save money on golf balls, but another cool thing about their Assorted Mix of Golf Balls is that they will have a random logo on them, so it will be easy to tell you ball apart from others on the course.

Feel free to reach out to me in the comment section with any questions pertaining to Saving Money on Golfballs. Happy Golfing!!!

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